Friday, March 21, 2008

American Library Association Honors Russ Feingold

Since libraries are an important part of the LC's lives (as they should be for anyone interested in facts and information), we were happy to see ALA recognizing Senator Russ Feingold. See the ALA press release below.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 19, 2008Contacts: Zach Lowe (202) 224-8657
American Library Association Honors Feingold with the 2008 James Madison Award American Library Association President Dr. Loriene Roy presents Senator Russ Feingold with the 2008 James Madison award on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has been awarded the 2008 James Madison award from the American Library Association for his work to champion, protect, and promote public access to government information. Feingold has been a Senate leader on strengthening the Freedom of Information Act, reforming lobbying disclosure rules, restricting data mining and the use of National Security Letters, and seeking greater public access to court proceedings. I am honored to receive this award from a group that is dedicated to enhancing learning and ensuring access to information, Feingold said. When the workings of government are transparent, the American people can more readily hold their public officials accountable. Our government will better respond to the concerns of the American people if it is open for public scrutiny.

It is an honor to extend the congratulations and sincerest gratitude of the American Library Association to Senator Russ Feingold, a true public servant for openness and public disclosure of government information during his long and distinguished career, ALA President Loriene Roy said.

Feingold has been a leader in supporting legislation improving transparency in government. Feingold is a cosponsor of legislation to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by ensuring that agencies act on FOIA requests in a timely manner and empowering citizens to track their FOIA requests. Feingold also spearheaded legislation that improves lobbying disclosure and bans gifts from lobbyists to members of Congress. In addition, Feingold has introduced legislation requiring federal agencies to report to Congress on data mining programs, which are capable of analyzing millions of records on every American, as well as legislation cutting back on the overbroad authority granted to the FBI in the USA Patriot Act to use National Security Letters to obtain sensitive information about innocent Americans without judicial review.

WCLC Solidarity Dinner

Below is information on the annual Winnebago County Labor Council Solidarity Dinner. This annual event is held in conjunction with Workers Memorial Day to honor workers who have died in work related accidents or work related illnesses. This event also celebrates the acheivements of local labor. All are welcome to attend.


6:00PM TILL 10:00PM
Guest Speaker
Senator Dave Hansen
- -
Additional speakers include
-State Representative Gordon Hintz-

Name: ________________________
# of tickets______________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Union: ________________________
Total Enclosed: $ _________________

Please Mail by April 18th, 2007 to WCLC 2211 Oregon Street, Suite A3 Oshkosh, WI 54901

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blog rant

LC1 has chastised me for my posting, but, I'm sorry, when I see misinformation and rude comments, I can't help it. I've got one thing to add to what I wrote, unless my post doesn't make it to Kent Monte's blog, which, mine usually don't because I'm not just spreading foul thoughts and misinformation. (note-3/20/08--just to keep the record straight, Kent did allow my posting to be published---I feel so special). Whoever made the crack on there about AFSCME being a union for lazy folks is full of @#$!. Make all the smart comments you want, but, like I said, who do you think is dealing with all the beautiful potholes in our fair city. Who picks up your smelly garbage, plows the snow? Who works in the Correctional Institutions to watch the people convicted of crime--having crap thrown at them,etc? Who cleaned up Oshkosh after the wind storm in 2001. Who helped in the recovery and clean up after 9/11, who ran the last ferry to help folks get out of New Orleans during the hurricane? It was AFSCME members. Don't call us lazy damn it!

(LC1 editing here--

Watch this colorful language video on YouTube for more information:

You got that a$%*(^#? )

In addition to that, AFSCME probably represents more employees in Winnebago County then the UAW (oh shudder). If you add the state employees here to the city/county group, we're a pretty formidible number. AFSCME is one of the only unions in the country that has grown over the past decade because we work hard at organizing.

That's all I'm going to say about that.


Defending our honor

LC2 just told me she descended into the evil maelstrom of Oshkosh blogdom and posted on one local blog (you figure out which one), defending our honor on one of the more toxic blogs in the city.

Why is local politics, especially the blog scene, so horrible in this city? Is it that the combination of stupidity and a big speaker via the internet is a really dangerous combination?

Keep in mind that I have a big knitting bag full of pointy sticks. They can go up against the pointy heads in this city any time in a more creative way. At least I'm making something useful with my knitting. The uncreative narrow minded blogs, not so much.


I am armed with pointy sticks

I am armed with pointy sticks--don't piss me off. Perhaps it is better when knitting to not discuss politics or any other hot button issues since the participants in said discussion are armed with potential weapons. All I'm saying is.

Now, be that as it may, I have to report that we knit with some folks who don't share our political persuasion. Perish the thought, I know, but we try to not discuss any politics there because believe it or not, Republicans and Democrats can be friends. Pick yourself up off the floor now--it's not that bad. Honestly, we're all people. However, that doesn't mean that perhaps our good vibes and stuff may turn our friends back to our side. You never know. I'll take what I can get.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buh bye, Carol

It must be the election cycle for those named Carol to retire. Carol Roessler just announced she's not running again. Woo hoo. This should up the amount of money others running in the race have to come up with. Bummer.

It will be interesting seeing what kinds of yahoos come out of the woodwork to run now. (Jess King who already announced, is not a yahoo, for the record).


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Endorsement go'round

Apparently the Chicks have been kinda busy and intent on ignoring the world while we are absorbed in the kindler, gentler world of knitting. Unfortunately, that world crashed down yesterday afternoon when I heard about the flap going 'round in Oshkosh blogland over the WCLC endorsements (see previous post). I just have a few short comments. Short, because if I start going on and get worked up about this again, LC1 will kill me and feed me to the cats for supper. Ha, I'd probably end up giving the cats the chirpy's after they eat. Anyhow....

It constantly amazes me when someone running for political office says that endorsements don't mean anything. Yet, the discussions and hand wringing over the endorsements and the press release associated with them makes me think that is not true. If WCLC endorsements are baseless and meaningless, then why are you whining about not getting endorsed? Hmmmm??????

Second comment about the process, then I'm done. No, WCLC did not send out questionaires to the candidates. Since OEA is a participant in WCLC, we based our endorsement on the questionaires and interviews that they did. This isn't the first time that the Labor Council has used the work done by our affiliates to assist in our endorsement process. Two AFSCME Council 24 locals regularly sponsor candidate forums for state offices. The council helps put the event together and helps get them on cable, but, the organization mostly done by Local 579 and 48. Many of the questions are pertinent to State Employees mixed with some general labor questions. However, the Labor Council endorsement is made based on those forums. Labor folk are busy with work, union work and trying to have a life. Sometimes we try to work together with our affiliates and other "friends" to all get to the same base.

So, if you're not a WCLC member or affiliate, don't whine about our process. If you are a candidate and didn't get endorsed, either ignore it and move on with your life...get over it.

'nuf said.....