Friday, September 08, 2006

It's primary time!

Soon we'll all know who the contenders are for the upcoming November elections. We like the following candidates:

Gordon Hintz running in the 54th Assembly District
Peg Lautenschlager for Wisconsin Attorney General
Jim Doyle for Governor (even though we have misgivings about him, we still support him)
Mark Westphal running in the 55th Assembly District
Susan Garcia Franz in the 56th Assembly District
Richard Spanbauer in the 53rd Assembly District (we know, he's a Republican--but he's better than the incumbent)
Joe Manske for Winnebago County District Attorney

and even though it's not in our Congressional District, we like Steve Kagen for Congress.

Let the games begin!


Wal Mart is still evil

Well, it is. Here's an article about Wal Mart and their ties to financing conservative organizations:

"Conservatives help Wal-Mart and Vice-Versa", from the New York Times

You can't make this stuff up.