Friday, February 11, 2011

Is Wisconsin still a Democracy?

Apparently, Governor Scotty's administration decided to take away the ability of State Employees to attend the rallies planned for Madison on February 15 & 16. The grapevine among the chicken coops is that supervisors in many State agencies have been instructed to deny vacation requests put in after today for vacation on Tuesday and Wednesday. We're sure that if anyone in those agencies that enforce this will also scrutinize any sick leave usage those two days...under a bare bulb no doubt.

Should we place bets on how many security people will be around the Capitol building that day and whether the doors of the doors will be open. Considering that most of them were locked on January 3 (Gov. Scotty's inauguration), chances are good that there won't be any pecking in the rotunda that day! So much for the People's House.

Everyone is invited to ride the free buses to the rallies both days....the link to the schedules can be found here: